Friday, January 06, 2006

January 6, Ohio

Ohio, we hardly knew you. A late start from Indiana today, as colds and unidenti- fied stomach ailments persist. A 10 1/2 hour straight through drive to make home by Saturday. The only sights for seeing are the reststops.


Anonymous Lois&Zoo said...


One winter night I caught the glow
Of someone's bonfire on the snow.

It may have been but burning trash.
It may have only been a flash.

But while it burned not all the night
Could make the bonfire less than bright.

And all the snow that lay about
Was powerless to put it out.

All that I love, all that I know
Could be that bonfire on the snow.

---Robert Francis (1901--1987)

(We are all so entranced by what you are doing.
We hope you are feeling better: traveling with a stomach bug is no fun!
Love from us all)

6:46 AM  

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